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'Round the Table Demos

If your church or small group would like to start a 'Round the Table outreach of your own, email us and we will happily explain more fully what RTT is all about. Even better, let's schedule a virtual RTT Demo with your people! This hands-on training will give you the best idea of how RTT works and help you brainstorm what hobbies or interests of yours would make for a great RTT outreach in your community. We were able to do several in-person demos at churches while we were itinerating in the US, and we would love to do them with you over the internet from Hungary.

Demos are also the way we will be starting 'Round the Table outreaches across Hungary the next couple of years. To contribute to the development, translation, and implementation of  RTT training in Hungary, click here then select the amount and 'Give Now.'  (Be sure enter and click to share your email address.)

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