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'Round the Table, a New Kind of Outreach

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One thing the pandemic made clear: we are deeply interpersonal beings who need social interaction to be emotionally and spiritually healthy. What if we purposely tapped into that social yearning by hosting event-night outreaches where participants can learn new a board game or prepare a food dish or make an art or craft project? And what if we invited people to stay a little after for a gospel-truth God Chat that uses the night's fun to help them see God or Christianity from an unexpected angle?


'Round the Table (RTT) is not a set curriculum but a highly adaptable outreach concept for creating your own series of event-based opportunities for evangelism that are as varied as people's hobbies and interests. We are developing RTT in Hungary, but this approach could be used anywhere, including right there in your neighborhood.

Here are the basics that make an outreach an RTT outeach:

(1) It leverages the hobbies, talents, interests, and skills of believers, turning what didn't seem spiritual into a connection point for evangelism.

(2) It pairs believers' interests with community interests to create draw activities that attract locals.

(3) It give believers opportunities to invite their unsaved friends and colleagues to do an activity that would interest them.

(4) It gives guests the option to stay after for a brief and non-intimidating "God Chat" using the night's activity to illustrate some aspect of a simple biblical truth.

(5) It allows believers and unbelievers to rub shoulders with each other on an ongoing basis, developing life-giving relationships outside an overtly religious setting.

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