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What are 'Round the Table
Outreach Centers?

RTT outreaches can be free-standing evangelistic tools. Maybe a church hosts an international cooking night once a month in its fellowship hall. Or maybe a family invites their neighbors to watch the local team whenever there's a game on. But if there were a dedicated place where multiple Christian groups and individuals could all do RTT outreaches together...well, that would make for some very powerful synergy!

'Round the Table Outreach Centers give different evangelical churches and ministries one high-visibility, high-traffic space in which to connect with their shared community. It is neutral territory, not affiliated with a particular church and not an overtly religious space. When unbelievers are invited to one outreach or come because of an online ad, they find there is a whole roster of other groups meeting and events happening. Things gather momentum under this one roof in a way that could never happen if everyone were doing their own outreach in their own space.

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