'Round the Table, a New Kind of Outreach

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One thing the pandemic has made clear: we are interpersonal beings who enjoy spending time face-to-face and truly miss gathering together. So as restrictions ease, what if Christians purposely tapped into that social yearning by inviting our unsaved friends or colleagues to a fun event-night to learn new board games or prepare a food dish or make an art or craft project? And what if we gave these unbelievers the option to stay after for a short Bible study that keeps referring back to the night's fun to help them see God or Christianity from an unexpected angle?


'Round the Table (RTT) is not a set curriculum but an adaptable concept for creating your own series of event-nights that are as varied as your hobbies and interests and for finding the gospel truth that meshes well with each night's specific activity. In our second term in Hungary, we will be training churches across the country to start an Asztal Körül ("around a table") outreach in their communities, but this approach could be used anywhere, including right there in your neighborhood.

If you or your church or small group would like to start a 'Round the Table outreach of your own, email us at morgansonamission@gmail.com and we will happily explain more about how it works. Even better, if you live in or near Texas or Kansas, email us to schedule an RTT Demo event this spring or summer before we head back to Hungary to give you and others in your area a better idea of how the RTT concept works and help you brainstorm what hobbies or interests of yours would make for a great RTT outreach in your community.

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