'Round the Table, a New Kind of Outreach

Now more than ever, it is clear that we as humans are social beings who thrive with face-to-face communion. We enjoy gathering around, say, a table for an evening. And we open up best in a relaxed social atmosphere.


So what if believers tapped into that nature by inviting their unsaved friends to a fun event-night with a gospel purpose? And what if that night was not a Bible study with an unrelated ice-breaker tacked on but an integrated experience, with the specific games played or the craft or food made intensionally chosen to lead into a Bible study that uses aspects of the night's activity to make transformative biblical concepts come to life?


'Round the Table (RTT) curriculum is currently in development and will be adapted and translated into Hungarian by the end of 2021. Starting in 2022, we will train laypeople across Hungary to start an Asztal Körül ("around a table") group in their community.

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