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About Hungary


Hungary is unique and complex. As physicist Leó Szilárd once quipped about extraterrestrials: “They are already here among us: they just call themselves Hungarians.” Hungary has a non-Indo-European language as well as a horse-and-cattle culture from its origins near the Ural Mountains. The nation has a long history of struggle under the Ottomans, Austrians, then Soviets; a strong musical heritage from Liszt to Bartok; a Jewish community that made up a fourth of Budapest before waves of anti-Semitism left the largest synagogue in Europe nearly empty; and the currently largest Asian community in the EU. We invite you to explore these links to learn more about this small nation that bridges Central and Eastern Europe:

AGWM Southeast Europe: Hungary

Brief summary of Hungary's Pentecostal history and links to other Assemblies of God missionaries here

Prayercast: Hungary

Prayer guide for Hungary with key needs and a powerful video of a Hungarian believer praying for his nation

Wide-Open Missions: Hungary

Links to short-term opportunities for Assemblies of God missions work in Hungary plus info on becoming a missionary

Daily News Hungary

English-language digest of news from a Hungarian perspective, including uniquely Hungarian subjects

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