'Round the Table Demo Nights

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If you or your church or small group would like to start a 'Round the Table outreach of your own, email us at morgansonamission@gmail.com and we will happily explain more about how it works. Even better, if you live in or near Texas or Kansas, email us to schedule an RTT Demo event this spring or summer before we head back to Hungary to give you and others in your area a better idea of how the RTT concept works and help you brainstorm what hobbies or interests of yours would make for a great RTT outreach in your community.

To contribute to 'Round the Table's development, translation, and training demos in Hungary, click here then select the amount and 'give now.' To support our mission in general with a monthly card/bank draft, click here then select the amount and 'set up a new recurring schedule.' In both cases, please enter and share your email address.

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